I just cannot understand why in the world I have started to write in a paper notebook when I was in the kitchen this past week. I had carried my iPad & Pencil all week along, but never even came that out from the bag. I guess, I'm yet to decide which iOS note taking app would work for me and stick to it!

I facilitate and take minutes on my own at far too many meetings 1. Perhaps this app [otter.ai] would be a good one to take the pain out from having to take down meeting minutes

  1. Most times not by choice though

Hmm..somebody is offering $272 for MBA…

Cool. What’d you think the suggested price should be? The buyer may have a replace the battery though because right now it has only about 2 hours in one charge


Am not sure even any one would be interested to buying 2007 model


Yes that's my first Apple notebook.😁


I'm wondering should I do the same with my MBA 2007…

All done. I just leave it at this status till I get a buyer, if at all

MBA mid 2011

Current status on MBA 2011 at the computer desk in the room